Everything You Wanted To Know About IP

Today, people depend so much on business voip telephone services that most of them forget to realise that this system too is a type of internet protocol. So what are these internet protocols and what is their history. Internet protocol consists of a set of rules, which determine the way data ought to be delivered via the internet (public network). It typically functions with the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) that divides internet based traffic into small packets for efficient transport via the internet. In conjunction, they are known as TCP/IP. The internet protocol was officially discovered on January 1, 1983, which is also considered the birthday of the internet. Before this, the different computer networks did not have a standard way to communicate with each other. There are many other types of internet protocols, the details of which are listed below. Each of them has a unique function.

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• Telnet

• Gopher


• Telnet


The latest protocol

Although quite a few of them are relatively old, they are still in use. The VoIP is the latest internet protocol and was developed around 1995 to serve as a method to conserve money on international and long distance telephone charges. VocalTel, a company holds the credit of creating the first internet phone for the masses. One can use this phone to call one other via connected microphones and speakers, with the help of the identical software. Remember, each time you make a call via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype, you are using the voice over the internet protocol. In fact, you do not have to pay any charges for making voice or video calls through Telegram or WhatsApp, something unimaginable in the past. It was not long before other companies joined the bandwagon and started making their own brand of VoIP phones.

Advantage for businesses

Business houses, both large and small, have to make thousands of long distance and international voice calls every month to communicate with their offices spread all over the country and overseas too. The number of VoIP phones used was hardly 1% when this protocol was first introduced. Nowadays, nearly 99% businesses depend on this internet protocol to make and receive voice and video calls. One also uses this protocol for videoconferencing using different types of software such as Zoom. It is good for businesses, as it does not cost any money to make such calls. Business houses can make use of their existing broadband connection to make such calls.

Additional advantages

Apart from improvements with call connection and call quality, it was not long before the consumer market realised the fall in costs that VoIP calling made available, like a reduction in costs for international as well as domestic Iong distance calls plus no extra per call charges across the Internet. This decrease in costs finally transferred to extra corporate implementations. It even changed the scope of job markets, as employers now had the option to make use of VoIP contact centres overseas. By the way, Skype was the first company to launch VoIP software in the year 2003.